Pay Attention To Your Eye Health While Applying Make-up!

 Make-up is an indispensable part of women's daily and private lives. But did you know that eye makeup can cause allergies and even inflammation in the eyes? In particular, products such as pencils, eyeliner and mascara used during eye make-up can result in various eye problems as a result of misuse.

eye makeup - be careful for your health

Use quality products For Make-up

Make-up materials that are eye-catching with their packaging can often be dangerous for health. Using a single product in more than one area can adversely affect the eyes, in particular. When the right make-up materials are not chosen and quality products are not used, eye allergies or infections become inevitable.

 When choosing a product, it is necessary to look at the expiration date and examine the place of manufacture of the product. Otherwise, diseases such as eyelash shedding, eyelash root inflammations, droopy eyelids and eye infections may be encountered.

Great explanation by Dr. Rupa Wong about eye makeup and health.

Eyes with dense veins and nerve tissues are thinner and thinner than other parts of the body. it is sensitive. When eye make-up is not cleaned, bacteria and virus formation accelerates, and eyelash root inflammation, namely a sty, can occur. 

eye makeup can be risky

Using the same make-up material for long periods of time can lead to the proliferation of bacteria. Since each person has different bacteria in their body, using other people's makeup creates a problem. Sharing products also means sharing germs. 

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Materials containing intense oil can affect the tear that feeds the cornea. While this situation negatively affects eye health, symptoms such as itching and redness can be seen. After these symptoms, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor.

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Make-up products can cause eye allergies

People who are prone to an allergic reaction should take extra care when choosing make-up materials. Preservatives and active ingredients in make-up products can cause eye allergies. For this reason, it is important to apply products such as eyeliner and eyeliner, which are used for the bottom of the eyelashes, to the outer parts of the eye instead of the inner part.

 Otherwise, problems may occur in the Meibomean sebaceous glands, which are located in the parts of the eyelashes close to the eye and help to produce tears, if care is not taken. If the meibomean glands are clogged during make-up, the tears become poor quality, and symptoms such as burning, stinging and redness in the eyes can be seen. This can also lead to infections such as styes in the eyes. 

Ways to protect eyes from make-up

This application will prevent the brush or pen you use from damaging the cornea.

  • Water-based and easy-to-clean products should be preferred. These products will cause less harm to the eyes as they allow the skin to breathe.
  • When applying eyeshadow on the eyelid, too much eyelid movement can occur. While this may cause separation of the muscle fibers in the eyelid, it can also lead to drooping of the eyelid. Therefore, the application should be done with light movements.
  • Due to the fact that powder products such as eyeshadow can easily fly away, they can stick to the eye surface. Since this can cause allergic problems, more liquid products should be used.
  • Using test products such as eyeliner and mascara sold in stores may pose a danger to the eyes. Tester products should not be used as it facilitates the growth and sharing of microbes.
  • No matter how busy the day is, the make-up on the skin and eyes must be cleaned before going to sleep. Uncleaned make-up can cause inflammation.
  • The cotton used during cleaning should be changed frequently.
  • If contact lenses are used, make-up removal must be done after removing the lenses.
  • Since bacteria can grow in moist and dark environments, they can reproduce in make-up sponges, mascara brushes or their containers. Therefore, using a product for a long time should be avoided.
  • Be careful not to wear make-up while in the vehicle. Elements such as jolts and bumps that may develop along the way may cause damage to your eyes by the products you use. 

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