In What Order Are Make-up Materials Should Be Used?

The order of the make-up materials used is very important so that the make-up does not fly off the rest of the day or that the make-up stays on the face for a long time. 

Although many women know the order, the only question in the minds of those who will start new make-up is " Make-up materials are used in what order?" Here is the Order of Use of Makeup Materials.

how to use makeup materials

In What Order You Should Use Makeup Materials

Cosmetics, which is now used by women in all areas of their lives and a sub-branch of cosmetics, is something women do to make themselves feel better. There are tricks to make up. A single touch can show your features better than you really are. The order of using make-up materials is as important as make-up techniques. Here is the Order of Use of Makeup Materials..

1- Moisturizer

Moisturizer is one of the priority materials that should be applied to soften, protect and prepare the skin before applying make-up. It is not recommended to use a very oily moisturizer for oily skin, and a moisturizer that dries the skin is not recommended for dry skin. It is necessary to pay attention to the content of the humidifier in order to avoid situations such as allergies. You should buy a moisturizer that suits your skin type.


2- Make-up Base

Make-up is a material that some people will use on their own accord. It smoothes the skin, prepares a layer for make-up and ensures that the make-up stays longer on the face.

3- Foundation Cream

Foundation is a make-up material used to cover blemishes, acne, and color unevenness on the skin to be applied after foundation moisturizer or base. The tone of the foundation is very important for a good make-up. 

Foundation Cream

The person should definitely choose a foundation in their own skin tone. The foundation is used on the entire face except the eye area and under the eyes. It is up to the individual to use a brush or sponge. If your skin is dry, it will be better if the brush or sponge is damp.

4- Under Eye Concealer

Since the under-eye is more sensitive than other parts of the face, foundation should not be used, so a separate under-eye concealer should be used. You can choose the under-eye concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin color. It is applied to remove under-eye bruises, under-eye redness and fatigue. At the same time, it makes the face more lively and the eyes more prominent.

5- Contour

When the contour is applied under the cheekbones and the part closer to the ear, it makes the face appear weaker and more prominent. It is used to make a difference in certain parts of the contours of the face. However, the dose should not be overdone so that it does not look like mud.

6- Eyeshadow

When the eyes are desired to be more vivid and colorful, it is used in the desired tone to add movement to the make-up, to add excitement and difference. Driving the brush towards the eyebrow while applying eyeshadow will make your eyes look more slanted.


7- Mascara

Mascara is one of the final touches of make-up. Starting from the bottom of your eyelashes with a brush while applying mascara will make your eyelashes more prominent. To make your eyes look bigger, you need to apply the mascara upwards, and to make it slanting, outward.

8- Lipstick

The final touch of make-up, you need to choose the lipstick color very well. Using the tones that will suit your outfit or make-up will make you look more beautiful. To define the lip lines, you can go over the lip lines with a pencil first.

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