Experts Warn If There is A Bruise Under The Eye!

 Black circles that appear around the eyes are also harbingers of diseases. Even though we try to cover it up with creams , we can say that these are not a permanent solution. Experts give important warnings about this issue. 

Under-eye bruises caused by the circulatory system are also a harbinger of bad diseases in the future. So what should we do in this situation? What precautions should we take to avoid dark circles under the eyes? 

Under-Eye Bruises, A Harbinger Of  Diseases 

under eye bruise

Experts state that the most difficult and annoying bruises of the eye area problems are usually due to circulatory system disorders. The dark circles under the eyes triggered in many situations such as fatigue and sleep problems are also a harbinger of irreversible health problems in the future. 

Genetic bruises around the eyes that may occur due to excessive caffeine during the day , cigarettes, alcohol, etc. The ingredients are also in impressive condition. In particular, women are often tried to cover this situation with make-up

But make-up materials that do not offer a permanent solution cause them to close in their pores. So what kind of treatment should be applied for under-eyes? Here are the answers to the questions from the experts.

Solution For Black Eyes

bruise solution for brown eyes

Emphasizing that the most important situation in treatment is the approach to the problem, Experts said, Although it is possible to treat the changes in the skin with energies such as mesotherapy, filler injection, laser, radiofrequency and plasma, if there is a circulation-related problem, it is also possible to treat it. It also focuses on making a treatment plan for the condition.


take care of your eye health

Specialists during treatment It was stated that the circulatory system was stimulated with carbon dioxide gas given under the skin and more blood flow was drawn to the tissue. Emphasizing that this way, an increase in oxygenation is achieved, the experts said that with the application repeated at regular intervals, healthy new vessels are started to be produced.


Applying cold compresses. A cold compress can help reduce swelling and constrict enlarged blood vessels. Increasing sleep time. Getting enough sleep can also help reduce the appearance of dark circles. We should raise the head while sleeping.

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