How Often You Need To Clean Your Face For a Healthy Skin?

 The frequency of face washing varies from person to person, depending on the skin type and the frequency of wearing make-up. The need for skin cleaning may change according to age, climatic conditions and even the frequency of activity. While washing face in the morning and evening is sufficient for some people, it does not meet the cleaning needs of some people. Let's go to the details.


1. For dry and sensitive skin; 

Although sprinkling water on dry skin is tempting, it does more harm than good. If your skin is sensitive and dry, cleaning your face twice a day can irritate your skin.

dry and sensitive skin
Dry and Sensitive Skin

 Washing with warm water in the morning without using any product will be more suitable for this skin type. In the evening, you can clean your skin without irritating by using oil-based products suitable for sensitive skin.

Here's a useful video about washing your face and healthy skin by BrightSide

2. For oily and acne-prone skin; 

If your skin is oily and acne-prone, it is quite normal to want to clean your face several times a day. 

oily and acne skin
Oily Skin

However, cleaning the face more than twice a day increases the production of sebum and causes more acne breakouts. To get rid of the oily appearance, you can use cleansers containing acid.

3. Do not choose heavy make-up

Almost all women love to make up. We recommend that you do not wear heavy make-up. The materials applied to your face layer by layer block your pores and do not allow your skin to breathe. It also causes wrinkles at an early age. 

do not choose heavy makeup
do not choose heavy makeup for healthy skin

That's why you should take care of removing your make-up. You can get a healthier skin by cleaning your face after removing your make-up.

4. Wash your face before and after exercising

Exercising is very important for our health. We recommend that you make it a habit to wash your face before and after exercising. You should always remove your make-up before exercising. 

wash your face for a healthy skin
wash your face for a healthy skin

Otherwise, bacteria combined with sweat and dead skin will clog your pores. You can also clean your face from sweat and bacteria by washing your face after exercising.

5. Adapt your skin care to changing seasonal conditions

When we all discover a product that is good for our skin, we want to use that product every day. However, while making our product choices, we should also consider the seasonal conditions.

 In the winter months when the weather is dry and cold, you should wash your face once and use moisturizing creams and serums with a denser structure. In summer, you should definitely apply sunscreen to your face and you can choose to clean it morning and evening according to your skin type.

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