1960s Make-up - Another Trend Appears

 Discover How To Apply 60s Eye Makeup Easily

Long eyelashes and eyeshadow in pastel shades, a bright red diva mouth - or rather a subtle rosé gloss: 1960s make-up is a trend.

Eyelashes - the longer, the better

This make-up with false eyelashes and wide eyeliner pays homage to the 1960s.

 Here's how it's done: Glue the self-adhesive rows of lashes exactly over the upper lashes. Liquid eyeliner makes the transition invisible: the eyeliner is drawn directly along the eyelashes, only running slightly upwards on the inner and outer corners of the eye - this opens up the view. 

60s Eye Makeup
60s Eye Makeup

And then the mascara is applied - twice, your own along with the false eyelashes. Now the 60s eye make-up is actually already perfect. 

If you want, you can dust some silver powder under the brows and in the corners of the eyes. So that the complexion does not have an oily shine, a foundation mousse was applied, which mattifies the skin beautifully with its high powder content. 

Mauve-colored rouge (e.g. from Lancôme) brings a gentle shimmer to the cheeks. And the lips glitter seductively in "Mystic Mauve" .

Purple: Glamorous eye-catcher

Brown eyes and a fair complexion in particular are shown to their best advantage with this cool make-up in three different shades of lilac. 

Here's how it's done: A light foundation, which is spread extremely thinly with your fingers, ensures even skin. Dark circles under the eyes and impurities disappear under a cream concealer.

60s Eye Makeup Ideas
60s Eye Makeup Ideas

Powdering your lids before applying your 60s eye make-up will help the colors apply more evenly and last much longer. 

Brush the light lilac tone onto the upper lids up to the brows, then paint a "banana" with the darker lilac - above the crease of the lid, working from the inside out. The darkest shade of lilac shimmers on the lower lash line.

 The look becomes even more dramatic with a razor-thin line of black eyeliner above and below and plenty of black mascara. Such intense eye make-up doesn't tolerate any competition: rouge and lipstick are reserved and have a subtle shine in a rosewood tone.

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Eyebrows with radiance

Anyone who does not naturally have full, curved eyebrows paints them. As a result, eyes that are far apart move closer together and look much more expressive. 

Here's how it's done: Pluck the eyebrows so that there are no longer any hairs above the bridge of the nose and under the arch of the eyebrow.

 Then use the eyebrow pencil, which should match the hair color, to precisely trace the base above the nose and the arch of the eyebrows above (not below!). Then stroke color between the hairs and smudge with a cotton swab. 

A nice contrast to dark brown brows is a dark blue eyeliner on the lower edge of the lid. 

A powder rouge in brown rose is enough, which is also gently spread on the upper eyelids. And the lips get a warm shade of brown.

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