Once Upon A Time : Make-up in the 1970s

With the change of fashion in every single year, make-up practices have also changed. In our period make-up file, we will take a look at the make-ups that were shaped according to the fashion of the period during the 20th century. Especially 70s makeup style and trends.

70s makeup style and trends
70s Makeup Style and Trends

Here is the bohemian period of flower children singing freedom and peace songs, where tan turns into fashion, pastel colors show themselves, minimalists adopt the motto “less is more”; 1970's. 

If you are wondering what kind of make-up accompanies flared trousers, Spanish sleeve blouses, high waist trousers and platform heel shoes, continue reading our article about 1970's makeup style and trends.

Let's Dive Into Details Of 1970's Makeup

1970's Faces

 1970s were a period when very intense skin products were not used. 

The porcelain appearance used in the previous periods on the skin gradually leaves its place to a natural appearance. 

1970s makeup style face
70s Style Face Makeup

In addition, the obsession with white skin is also thrown in this period. As young people spend a lot of time under the sun at music festivals held on large lands, young people start to tan, and the fashion trend shifts from white skin to tan skin.

 Light creams are used on the skin rather than mold-like powders, and care is taken to be as natural as possible. 

Eyes Of 1970's Makeup

The naturalness of the face integrates with the pastel tones used on the eyelids. Eyeliner still remains popular. The most exaggerated part of this period is the light-tailed eyeliners. Otherwise, there is nothing more exaggerated.

1970s Style Hippie Makeup
1970s Style Hippie Makeup


Since the most distinctive feature of this period is naturalness, there is also naturalness in eyebrows. The eyebrows are as natural as possible, only the excess eyebrows are cleaned and shaped, but not filled with pencil or eyeshadow.

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LIPS Of 1970's

Lipsticks in natural lip color, lips with only gloss are the prominent features of this period.

HAIR Of 1970's

 It was a time when big fluffy “afro” hair, straight long hair and headbands in sweet colors or flowers were in vogue. Naturalness is also in the foreground in the hair. In addition to naturalness, this is the period when rastas and African weaves are used the most.

1970s woman hair style
70s Woman Hair Style

Don't Forget The Nails of 70's

Almond-shaped filing on nails is in fashion. In nail polish colors, pastel pinks, pastel reds or colorless nail polishes are widely used.

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