What Are The Best Supplements For Healthy And Strong Nails?

There are many great vitamins for nails you can take to help with their strength and growth.

Taking specific vitamins for fingernails can help with dry, brittle fingernails, weak, ridges and split nails.

A fingernail's vitamin deficiency can affect your nails and cause problems such as; nail discoloration and white spots on nails. Below you'll find recommended and best nail supplements for healthy and strong nails.

Best Supplements For Healthy Nails

Best Supplements for Healthy and Strong Fingernails 

Vitamin B12 - helps with brittle, dry, and discolored nails. This particular vitamin will help promote nail growth and strength.

Vitamin C – will also help prevent brittle, dry fingernails and hung nails.

Folic acid taken together with vitamin B12 and vitamin C will help your body create new proteins, the folic acid will help red blood cells work and grow.

Vitamin E – helps improve strength and texture.

Vitamin A – helps prevent dry, brittle fingernails. A deficiency in this particular vitamin can slow down your nail growth.

Vitamin D - increases growth and helps prevent brittle fingernails.

Calcium – this should be taken with vitamin D, as vitamin D will help the body absorb calcium. 

Include more phosphorus foods into your diet, to help strengthen weak fingernails.

Zinc – helps prevent white spots, a lack of zinc may also contribute to beau’s lines.

Iron - prevent white spots and spoon nails.

Methionine – this is an amino acid and can help with growth.

MSM – is sulfur and works with methionine and will help contribute to growth.

Silica – will help with strength and give you the added benefit of beautiful healthy hair and a clear complexion.

Healthy nails

An important mineral to take is silica this will also help with nails strength, clear complexion, and healthy hair.

Include more omega 3 fish oil benefits into your diet to help with soft, brittle, dry fingernails and hair.

If you are suffering from a fungal infection, please be aware, no amount of vitamins will help you. In the case of nail fungus, you really need topical treatments.

The benefits of biotin can help with the strength and thickness of your nails and hair, it is probably the best one you can take.

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If you suffer from a poor digestive system, take a digestive enzyme as this will help your body pick up the nutrients it needs.

Don’t pump your body with extra vitamins and mineral supplements. Taking vitamins for fingernails will only help if you take the recommended amount, anything extra will be expelled from your body, and you end up just wasting your money.

A fingernail's vitamin deficiency can certainly be improved with a healthy diet, along with the right vitamins for nails, this will really make a difference to their health.

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