Applying Makeup : 5 Basic But Important Things To Know

There are many techniques you can use for applying makeup. In this post, we'll talk about simple but important makeup application tips here.

Whether you are the teenager who has waited years before they can create their own "luscious lips" or an individual who wishes to add a little color to their face, putting on makeup for the first time may seem intimidating.

Appyling Makeup Tips
Applying Makeup

However, the key is to start slow and light until you discover shades, brands, and techniques that complement your personal features. In the end, you'll find that the process becomes easier with a decent amount of practice. To get started, you will find a few tips on applying makeup below.

5 Things To Know About Applying Makeup

1- Lipstick

When applying makeup to the lips, sheer selections with a natural look or lip gloss make great starts for a beginner. 

To apply, lightly run the lipstick tube across the upper and bottom part of the lip. For lip gloss, dip your pinky finger into the container and run your finger over the upper and lower sections of the lip. Lastly, rub lips together to solidify the application.

2- Eye Shadow

When applying makeup to the eyes, the object is to achieve a sheer look. Pale pinks and tans are recommended eye shadow colors for beginners. 

It is suggested to choose a shimmer for nights out, but always use a light touch when applying. Gently sweep the shadow over your eyelid using an eye shadow brush. A sponge tipped applicator is also acceptable. 

Appyling Makeup - Eyeshadow
Applying Makeup - Eyeshadow

For more in depth and more advanced techniques for applying eye makeup please see the applying eye makeup post.

3- Eyeliner

It is suggested to use extreme caution when applying eyeliner, as it is quite a difficult product to master at first try.

To apply eyeliner, draw a line starting at the inner part of the bottom lash line – bringing it towards the outer edge. To soften the line, use a Q-tip.

4- Blush

As a common rule of thumb, blush is made for barely there coverage that is sheer in color. Pale shades of pink or peachy hues are suggested. 

To apply, suck in your cheeks until the bone in this region appears. 

Applying Makeup - Blush
Applying Makeup - Blush

This is where you should apply the blush – keeping in mind that it doesn’t take much to create a look. Sweep the blush across the bone of your cheek, continuing towards the upper part of your ear.

5- Foundation

You may have encountered the assortment of commercials on television that promotes the latest in foundations, but you really don’t need this product unless you have developed a blemish that you wish to conceal.

To use as a cover up, apply a small amount of foundation over your targeted region and use your fingertip to blend.

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Thanks for reading basic but important things for applying makeup.

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