How To Apply Eye Makeup For Gorgeous Eyes : 7 Quick and Helpful Tips

By reading this simple guide you can learn how to apply eye makeup to have gorgeous eyes that will you get noticed wherever you go.

Learn how to apply the simple steps below to look your best for any occasion. It's not as difficult as you may think. REALLY.

Quick and Helpful Tips for Applying Eye Shadow

These eye makeup tips will have you looking like a model in no time.

how to apply eye makeup
How To Apply Eye Makeup

1- Toss the sponges or applicators that come with eye shadow and use a brush instead. Brushes help to evenly distribute eye shadow, actually using less in the process. 

2- Try using these four brushes for the best results; a medium to large scallop-shaped brush for applying all-over shadow, a smaller brush for shading the lids, a rounded crease brush for the lash lines, and a blending brush to soften colors.

3- To make eyes seem wider, use a light, pearly shade right in the center of the brow bone.

how to apply eyeshadow
How To Apply Eyeshadow

4- For brighter eyes, a touch of gold eye shadow on the brow bone does the trick.

For dramatic eyes, choose three colors in the same family, light, medium, and a darker shade for a bit of contrast.

5- To keep eye shadow from “melting”, brush the lids with a dampened brush and a bit of face powder before applying the actual eye shadow.

6- Eye shadow should be removed as gently as possible to avoid damaging the delicate tissue surrounding the eyes. Try using a cotton ball moistened with baby oil or eye makeup remover to gently wipe the lids.

IMPORTANT! : Never share your eye makeup as it may transfer bacteria from person to person possibly causing an infection.

How To Choose Your Shadow by Eye Shape

1- Almond shaped eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are known as the “classic” eye shape. They have an upswept lift at the outer corner. 

Women with this shape are able to experiment with different looks, whether they’re dramatic with bright colors, or dark eyeliner.

2- Deep-set eyes

These types of eyes seem to recede. The goal with deep-set eyes is to make them appear larger and bring the eyes forward. 

Skip the eyeliner and mascara on the lower lashes, and use a light to a medium shade of eye shadow on the lid to the brow bone.

3- Close-set eyes

These eyes are set a little closer together. 

To apply eye makeup to widen close-set eyes, use the lightest color of eye shadow on the inner area of the eyelids, a medium color in the middle, and a slightly darker, contour color on the outer portion.

 Try a brown shade of mascara on the inner eyelashes, and a black shade on the outer lashes.

4- Wide-set eyes These eyes are set a little wider apart. 

To apply eye makeup to bring wide-set eyes closer together, use a medium shade on the inner portion of the eyelids, and a lighter color on the outer portion of the upper eyelids. 

Use an even lighter color for highlighting just under the arch of the eyebrow.

5- Hooded lid eyes

Hooded eyes are the type when there is no or little visible crease because the brow line extends close to the eyelash line. 

To apply eye makeup to open up the eyes, use a matte shadow in a neutral shade on the inner part of the eyelid, with a darker color toward, but not next to, the outer edges of the eyes. Avoid colors that are too dark, and apply mascara only to the upper lashes.

How to Choose Your Eye Shadow by Eye Color

These eye makeup ideas are a great way of discovering a new look.

How to Choose Your Eye Shadow by Eye Color
How to Choose Your Eyeshadow by Eye Color

Green eyes: For green eyes, try taupe, gold, shades of peach, soft purple, or deep green.

Blue or violet eyes: Blue eyes look great with shades of peach, warm browns, silver, violet, or kohl.

Brown eyes: Highlight brown eyes with shades of pink, plum, brown, beige, and copper.

Hazel eyes: Any shades that work well with brown or green eyes also look good on women with hazel eyes.

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Use these quick and helpful tips to apply eye makeup to help you look your best.

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