5 Important Suggestions for Beginners of Makeup

Learn The Steps To Make Your Skin Healthy

Make-up is used in the early teens rather to underline naturalness. The small touches that highlight the youthful radiance of the skin almost reshape the contours of the face. Habits acquired at a young age become part of your lifetime beauty routine. Below, you'll read important suggestions for beginner of makeup.

The products used, the care routine, make-up applicators, usage techniques and many more.

 Let's review the important suggestions on product selection and application for those who are new to make-up, let's write down our notes for the right habits. Here's what you need to know to make your skin healthy and your makeup look better:

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1- Clean and Clear Skin, The Basis of Beautiful Makeup

First of all, you should start making up knowing that make-up is not a tool for camouflage, but a technique to emphasize beauty. You should clean your skin twice a day, moisturize it and apply makeup on clean skin.

Although newcomers to makeup are constantly neglecting, sleeping with makeup is one of the biggest mistakes. When you sleep with make-up, you can feel your eyelashes fall out and products and dirt stick to your skin. The dirt, makeup and oil that accumulate on the skin will return to you as acne and blackheads.

2- If You Don't Want to Have Pore Problems in Your Middle Age, Take Action Now

If you do not want to have a problem with open pores in later years, you should not miss some of your makeup bag in this period when you are just starting to make up. 

After moisturizing the skin with a moisturizer suitable for your age, you should definitely apply a base and help keep the pores tight. 

The bases provide a smooth appearance by preventing the products from filling into wrinkles, facial lines and eyelids. In addition, primary products that tighten pores help to reduce the pore problem that may be encountered in later years when used regularly.

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3- Love Your Skin, Love It More

When choosing skin and makeup products, you should consider alternatives suitable for your skin.

 Although famous bloggers apply moisturizing oils to their skin in applications such as Instagram, oil-based products may not be suitable for you. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, you should choose water-based moisturizers.

 Instead of hearsay information, you should research your skin type and choose products suitable for your skin. 

Observing the effect of sunscreen in cosmetic products also helps your skin stay healthy and smooth for longer. You should use lip moisturizer, sunscreen and skin moisturizers regularly even when you do not make up, and you should definitely keep these products in your bag.

You should get into the habit of reading product labels, thinking that not every product of every good brand is right for you. For example, if you have very dry skin, you can choose oily lipsticks especially in winter and avoid heavy powders. 

Similarly, if you suffer from dryness on your skin but have trouble replenishing makeup during the day, you can get moisturizing face sprays or buy makeup products that provide moisture support.

4- Don't forget the little tips

If you have oily skin, you can carry oil absorbent wipes in your bag to be comfortable.
When you draw a trapezoid eyeliner, you do not need to remove the make-up completely, it is enough to wipe the wrong area gently with the help of an ear stick.

You should try skin products such as foundation in daylight and test them on areas such as the inside of the wrist and the neck.

Contrary to popular belief, when you want to cover dark circles or blemishes, you should choose a shade of dark products from your skin.

Makeup doesn't have to look intense. By learning shadow makeup techniques, you can complete your natural look with makeup. In your make-up case, you should definitely have products such as eyeshadow, bronzer, blush in earth tones suitable for shading.

When choosing makeup products, you should eliminate your friends' suggestions by comparing them with your own needs. 

The cleanser, which is good for a friend with an oily skin, will wear out your skin if your skin is dry. You should know your skin and evaluate the recommendations.

On special occasions, especially when you are just introduced to make-up, you should avoid risky choices just because it is the fashion of the period. When you look at the albums years later, you should not forget that pastel make-up, which you will not be disgraced, is life-saving.

5- Wrong Time, Wrong Place!

Even if the make-up is right, if the place and time are wrong, you can be tailed. Unfortunately, it is not possible to be beautiful with a perfect night make-up on the beach. When choosing make-up, you should consider the place you will go and the time of the event. 

Just as you cannot be comfortable with thin heels at a country wedding, you may feel uncomfortable with a heavy night make-up during daytime work. It would be more correct to talk about the difference of day and night make-up in order to explain the difference more clearly.

Pearlescent products, dark color applications, smoky make-up, long eyeliners and dark lipsticks can be easily used in night make-up. In the daytime, your make-up is expected to be lighter and more balanced. 

For example, if you wear red lipstick during the day, you should keep your eye makeup light. At night, you can complete a thick eyeliner with red lipstick.

Thanks for reading our important suggestions for beginners of makeup post.
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