How To Apply White Makeup in 5 Steps 2022

Applying White Makeup In A Better Way

White makeup will be ideal to gain a natural expression in summer and to create more effective and lively looks in winter. White eye makeup ingredients are white pencil, white eyeshadows and all kinds of concealers.

 The eye factor is very important in the application of white eye makeup. Because a white-toned makeup will make the eyes look bigger than they are. Therefore, it is recommended to be preferred by people with small eyes.

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White makeup guide for 2022
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How To Make White Eye Makeup Step by Step

A white makeup to be applied by large eyes should be colored with some colored eyeshadows and dark pencils. Small-eyed people should apply the white shadow and pencil with some special techniques so that an effective and desired appearance can be created. 

1- First, with the help of concealer, the bruises and circles under the eyes should be eliminated. Using moisturizing and protective eye creams before concealer is important for the health of the skin and the durability of make-up. 

All these rides should be done by absorbing the skin with slow movements so that the skin is not damaged and the concealer and creams can be spread evenly in the eye area.

2- Then white eyeliner should be applied. White eyeliner should be applied to both the lower and upper eyelashes. Especially small-eyed people can apply white eyeliner intensely to the lower lashes. Thus, they will have bigger and striking eyes.

3- After applying white eyeliner, white eyeshadow is used. It will be appropriate to use special headlight brushes and fingers while applying white headlights. 

If headlight is to be applied with a finger instead of a brush, the use of ring fingers should be preferred for a smoother driving. 

4- The white eyeshadows on the ring fingers should be applied to the eyelid with soft circular movements and then the make-up should be finished with sharp pulls until the end of the eyebrow. 

5- White eye makeup should be complemented with black thick-tip full mascara. Otherwise, the eyes we try to create sparkle and liveliness will look pale and sloppy.

 Starting from the tip of the eyelashes, full and dark eyelashes should be created. In addition, it is important to keep the eyebrows dark in such a light make-up.

Dark and smooth eyebrows will complement white makeup. Passing a more clear and vibrant white shadow line just below the eyebrow line will create impressive eyes.

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