Vintage Makeup Look : Best Choice For A Wonderful Evening

 Vintage Makeup Guide

With every woman's desire to have beautiful eyes, cheekbones, lips and face, the world of vintage cosmetics is a hot seller these days. 

From vintage '20s makeup to modern day fashions with shimmering black eyeshadow and sultry purple lips, collect all vintage cosmetic favorites so you can create the look that the Hollywood stars are rocking so wonderfully! Below you'll read step by step vintage makeup guide.

vintage makeup guide

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This is a great way to express your own personal style with vintage makeup as well as adding an extra touch to your wardrobe! If you're looking for a particular look that has not been worn before, you may want to look into vintage styles of makeup in the hopes that you can find something that you love and have it made especially for you.

Vintage Makeup Guide - Step by Step

The first thing you'll need to do is figure out what kind of look you want to achieve. For instance, if you're planning on a more classic style, vintage makeup for eyes, lips and cheeks might be what you need.

If you want to go with an older, antique or even vintage style, you'll want to know what colors look good on you.

 For example, if you're going for a pink, peach or rose look, you'll probably want to stay away from bright colors like red and yellow. Instead, try something more subdued such as blue eyeshadow, a deep purple lipstick, or a blush that matches the color of your skin tone.

Once you've figured out what look you want, the next step is choosing the right shades. You may think that all shades were created equal but often there are a few trends that come back time again.

 For example, red lipstick is quite popular these days, but it was once considered un-hip or even considered not feminine!

If you're wearing too many colors on your face, you'll notice that you're looking tired and washed out quickly. Instead, choose tones in the shade that compliments your skin tone. 

You can use some neutral colors that will keep you from looking washed out, but will still show off your natural beauty.

For those that want something a bit more unique, consider using vintage makeup in a vintage style.

 There is a lot of that you can find in the world of vintage cosmetics, and there is definitely something to suit every individual. Whether you want something traditional or something a bit more modern, there is something out there that you love.

Vintage Makeup in Day Time

If you wear light makeup for the daytime, you can also choose to wear some light blush to give a bit of color. 

Try adding a little shimmer to your blush to add a little extra shimmer to the face to create a different look.

However, if you prefer a little more of a smoky look, try using a darker foundation, or wear some heavy makeup that gives your eyes and cheeks some depth by using a brush. to apply the makeup, such as an eye shadow or a liner, on your eyelid and cheekbones.


For a more dramatic effect, you might want to wear a darker color to your lipstick and lips. It's important to choose a color that contrasts well with your skin tone, because you don't want a shade that just looks like a dark stain.

The last thing you want to do is wear too much vintage makeup for the night. In the end, it's about having fun with yourself and having fun with the look you choose!

Thanks for reading, good luck and stay healthy!


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