Scary Clown Makeup Tips For The Best Halloween Look

What's Scary Clown Makeup?

If you are a fan of horror movies then you surely must have heard of the frighteningly beautiful makeup artists that are known as the "Scary Clown." The scary clown makeup they use is very scary, but the fact that they make a living doing it is even scarier.
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When you are looking for some "scary clown" makeup tips, you need to know that you have a few options. 

You can choose to go to a salon or you can look online and find some great Halloween makeup ideas for the Halloween season. 

When you go to a salon, you can choose from a number of scary clown makeup techniques and you will also be able to choose from the many different styles and designs which professionals can make.

However, when you go online to look for some scary clown makeup ideas, you are not limited by what you see in a salon and you will be able to create your own unique design that you like.

How to apply Scary Clown Makeup
Tom Leishman from Pexels

How To Look Like Scary Clown

To create scary clown makeup, you should first decide on the style of clown that you want. There are many types of clowns, that you can choose from including the classic clown, the funny clown and even a more twisted style. 

All these styles have their own special features and there are plenty of things you can do to give each one a unique appearance. For example, the classic clown has the classic makeup style that involves red eyes, red cheeks and black makeup on his face.

However, the funny clown or the other type of clown will have a lot of makeup pieces like black eyes, red cheeks and bright yellow makeup on his face. You can choose which type of makeup you prefer as well as the type of color to apply to your face as well.

Now, you can start thinking about what kind of scary clown makeup ideas you should use to make your clown look more scary and disturbing. 

One of the most common ideas for Halloween makeup is the black eye shadow and the red lipstick that you use along with this makeup will really enhance the overall appearance of your clown.

Another great idea that you can try is the use of a blood or a stain dye based make up on the parts of the clown that are exposed. 

This will make the parts of the clown that are exposed to stand out even more and people will be scared of the blood and stain that is on your clown. This will also create the illusion that your clown has a lot of blood and also stains on his face.

Last Things Of Scary Clown Makeup

The last thing that you can do with your scary clown makeup ideas is to try to give your clown a creepy, scary face. 

This is a very popular option that you will be able to use for Halloween makeup because there are a lot of websites that sell makeup kits that include everything that you need for this type of Halloween makeup. 

There are also many websites that sell these kits online for the complete Halloween makeup package and they will have all the materials that you need to create your own custom scary clown.

 Nong Vang on Unsplash

These are just some of the scary clown makeup tips that you can use to give your clown an attractive look.

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