RAINBOW MAKEUP Shortcuts - The Easy Way

 Rainbow Eye Makeup

It's time to drop the neutral palette that every woman has in her makeup bag. Spring wants color, and the eyes in its rainbow look are one of the most beautiful of this spring with rainbow makeup.

This spring, you should be prepared to play with colors and go out completely with the glow of your skin. From colorful mascara to ultra bronze skin, many make-up trends are waiting for you to relax you in the spring like rainbow makeup.


Preparations Before Rainbow Eye Makeup

First, plan your face makeup.

When planning your face make-up, you should plan by considering the structure of your skin. Your skin tone and skin type are an important factor in choosing the products you will use.

You can choose a thin foundation look, light blush and natural lips to reflect the harmony of spring on your skin.

Plan your face make-up, but wait until you have your eyeshadow applied because eyeshadow powder may sprinkle on your face.

In order for your eyeshadow to be permanent and smooth all day long, you should first use a base. It is enough to apply your eye base on your eyelids.

To achieve smooth eye makeup, those without eyeshadows can apply some foundation and powder to their eyelids instead of a base. Thanks to this base, headlight shadows will be more permanent and will not fly quickly.


Requirements for Rainbow Eye Makeup

Let's explain briefly how to get the right look for those who love shaded eye makeup.

With the arrival of spring, if you want to make your eyes stand out at parties, invitations and balls, you can choose shaded eye makeup. It is also a very attractive tactic to create an impressive appearance in evening meals.

It is ideal to use three brushes for this application. You can use a pencil type brush for the first action, a thick brush for blending, and a dense brush for a broader emphasis. In addition to these, you can make headlight base, cotton cloth, make-up remover and foundation ready, so you can fix all the mistakes you can make and provide a professional look.

For this look, first make sure the brushes are clean as dirty brushes can harbor germs and make your eyeshadow colors look smudged.

If you don't have all of these brushes, you can still achieve this look, it may just cost more time and effort.

You can also apply white base or white eyeshadow to make the colors more pronounced in the rainbow eyeshadow application.

For those who prefer bright rainbow makeup, you can choose eye shadow color in shades close to red.


How to Apply Rainbow Eye Makeup?

Let's briefly explain the rainbow makeup application, where you can provide a completely different look with the right application.

1- Eyelid Application

First, you should place your shadow work in the inner corners of your eyes. As a color, bright pink eyeshadow or a shade of red is a good choice for the first color, but you can also start with a different color according to your own preference. The eyeshadow should be pressed against the inner corner of the lid with a highlighted plump brush.

Before applying each of the eyeshadow brushes, lightly tap your brushes so you get a smooth look with the natural shade of the eyeshadow.

You should pay attention to the transition of the next color you apply with the first color. You should apply the next color in the middle of the eyelid. Start adding an orange eyeshadow right next to the pink. Orange should be applied in the middle of your eyelid. Again, use a highlighter brush to do this. Next, start blending the two shades with a blending brush.

If you started with a different color, look at the colors of the rainbow and watch for a color close to the color you chose. For example, if you started with yellow, then apply it to green.

You can create a border between the two colors so that the eyeshadow application brush does not mix on the colors.

2- Under Eye Application

In the next step, you can proceed to color under your eyes. It is required with eyeshadow, eyeliner and brush for the green and blue part of the rainbow. You should apply the green eyeshadow just below the line and next to the lower lashes. Proceed by making this color a little lighter throughout the lower eye, it should come in the middle of your lower lashes. If you have progressed by applying a different color, if your last color is blue, one color indigo can be the next.

You can finish the application with the inner corner of your lower eyelid. You can apply a light blue eyeshadow on green. You have to apply it almost towards the inner corner of the lower eyelid. It should meet the pink eyeshadow you started in the corner of your eyes. If indigo blue or violet is your final color, you can finish it off with a red or pink shade.

You can mix the shadows at the last stage to finish the makeup and turn your gaze to a rainbow. You can use your blending brush to bring the colors together. For this process, you should not mix all the colors together, but only slightly mix the colors on the outer edges of the colors next to each other. To achieve the most flawless effect possible between colors, you should use a clean brush or a clean finger in the blending process. This will make the transition easier.

You can use foundation or cotton swabs for spots that you don't like or that you think are exaggerated. If you feel a color doesn't look bright enough, you can repeat these steps until you're satisfied.

3- Eyeliner Application in Rainbow Makeup

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, you can apply eyeliner. It is not necessary for rainbow makeup, but you can opt for it if you wish. You can apply it thinly to the eyelash starting area of ​​your upper eyelid. You can also opt for black and bright blue or a colored eyeliner.

4- Applying Mascara in Rainbow Makeup

You can enjoy the spring by completing your look with mascara. To make your lashes more defined, you can curl your lashes before applying mascara. A black, voluminous mascara will make the overall look bolder. In addition, you can use a thin mascara for a more understated look. A deep blue mascara can accompany your make-up with its colorful appearance.


That's it, you're ready to shine with your rainbow makeup 😍🌈

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