Queen Of The Nile : Cleopatra Makeup Guide and Tips

We did not know how to define Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile, the feminine sovereign, the woman of incredible beauty. 

Especially well remembered, Cleopatra's make-up is sexy and charming. It is often used by women to create an original Egyptian style photo shoot.

Cleopatra makeup was well represented by wonderful actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor and Monica Bellucci. They coped perfectly with the role of this fatal beauty and better memorized the seductive makeup of the Egyptian queen.

how to apply cleopatra makeup
Cleopatra Makeup

How to Apply Cleopatra Makeup?

Cleopatra makeup is sensual and expressive eyes with long arrows drawn in a dark liner. On the eyelid, the shadows are applied from a bright contrast palette, thereby achieving the look of the Egyptian Queen. 

Now let's analyze Cleopatra's makeup step by step and pay attention to every detail of the image.

Queen Skin Tone

The first thing to do is to create a perfect face tone. Cleopatra's makeup is no exception. You need a base of different colors to align the tone. 

We need to create a definite contrast between eyebrows, eyes and lip lines.

Make 1 foundation for 2 shades lighter than your skin and 1 tone lighter than your skin. With a brush or sponge, we can distribute it over the entire surface of the face, as well as neck and neck.

The toner is 2 shades lighter - applied to the eyes and eyebrows. Do not overdo it with layer thickness, otherwise your face will not look completely natural.

Another tool that will help achieve the perfect velvety tone is a translucent powder with a small amount of flickering particles.

Apply some powder on a large soft brush and apply light smooth movements to hold it over the entire face, neck and décolleté surface.

It is better to use bronzing powder for ladies with dark skin color. The powder is also distributed over the face, giving a special charm to the cheekbones and eyelids.

Applying Cleopatra's Eye Makeup

The first thing to do is highlight the eyebrows.

 To do this, you need a shadow or pencil. The shade of the shadow or pencil should be in harmony with the natural colors of the eyebrows. Eye makeup for the Egyptian queen cannot be done without using shimmery golden blonde or beige shadows. You need these shades to give your eyes a radiant effect.

The inner corner of the eye can be emphasized with shades of the same color or replaced with shades such as bright orange or reddish-pink. 

The rest of the shade range is chosen from your type of view. Everyone knows that some colors go or not in different looks. Try to choose the ideal one for yourself so that the Cleopatra makeup structure does not deteriorate.

Applying Cleopatra Eye Makeup
Cleopatra Eye Makeup

To highlight the outer corner of the eye, you can safely use shades such as turquoise and amber-honey.

Another option is to move the eyelid with shadows like gray with little shimmer. After that, the shadow should be shaded properly. The feathering should occur in the direction of the base or from the inside out.

Now we turn to the creation of the eyeliner line of the ciliary edge. To do this, we draw a fairly wide line in black pencil. 

We take a brush and draw the eyeliner from the outer corner of the eye slightly upwards. This will make your look look deep and impressive.

With the help of the same black eyeliner, draw a thin line that thickens softly in the direction of the outer edge of the eye.

 A black eyeliner and a light layer of powder are also applied on the growth line of the eyelashes of the eyelid.
The final touch is applying black bulk mascara in several layers or gluing false eyelashes.

Cleopatra Lip Makeup

When choosing a lip liner, you should know one thing, the outline pencil on Cleopatra's lips should be 1 shade darker than the lipstick, and the lipstick should ideally match the color of the shade palette.

 If you've chosen lipstick in shades of orange, choose a light brown contour pencil. This combination will be perfect. At the final stage of the makeup of the Egyptian queen's lips, pat the lips dry with a dry cloth and lightly powder them.

Good Luck and Stay Healthy! Thanks for reading how to apply Cleopatra makeup!


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