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How to Apply Natural Wedding Makeup?

Natural Wedding Makeup is very trendy this year in bridal makeup trends. If you want to have a natural bride make-up or do it yourself at home, you should read our suggestions. Let's go for natural wedding makeup tips.

how to apply Natural wedding makeup
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Use a light moisturizer with primer in it to avoid too much layering of the product on your skin that can cause makeup to slip off. Before applying your make-up, wait 1 minute for the primer to be absorbed into your skin.


When choosing a foundation, it is important to choose according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, avoid foundations that have a moisturized texture.

If you have dry skin, avoid an overly matte formula. A silky matte finish will last all day long and allows you to photograph beautifully. Any camera flash will cause sunscreens to look bad in photos. So try to use a foundation that does not contain sunscreen.

If you're planning to spray tan on your big day, start a few days before the wedding and match it with your foundation color.


Always yes to powder! Use a finely milled translucent formula, it helps you to put on makeup and obliterate the appearance of fine lines and pores without adding any weight. You should use a wide powder brush for a perfect finish.


The right blush depends on your skin type. A gel blush is definitely needed if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin, choose powder blushes. Blush should always be applied to the cheekbones. It should never be too close to the nose and care should be taken to never exceed the eyebrow.


Sculpting the light and contouring technique is great. Because his face looks tight, tense and bright. Use a two-tone bronzer and dual highlighter. Apply the darker one to the areas where you want to highlight the lighter and where the sun comes naturally on your face.


Your eyebrows should look naturally full and good. Use a precision pencil to fill in sparse areas with small strokes. Finish off with an eyebrow gel to secure them in place.


False eyelashes are great for brides! I prefer silk lashes that have a more natural look that helps define the lash line but still makes you look like yourself. Your eye makeup should be made to be completely resistant to deterioration. So use gel eyeliner and a tube of mascara.


Matte, rose-colored and pink-toned lipsticks look great on brides. The lip liner keeps the lipstick long-lasting. Also, liquid lipsticks and wet lips create a sexy look.

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We hope these little tricks will make you the most beautiful bride in the world. Thanks for reading the natural wedding makeup article and happiness in advance!


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