Applying Minimalist Makeup : Easy and Simple Guide For 2022

What is a minimalist makeup?

Minimalism is actually a lifestyle. It is to live everything to the minimum. We can say to live simply. 

Minimalist makeup is the type of makeup where we use the least / the most necessary make-up products, in short, there is no use of 2-3 layers of products, no products that are not needed, only the products necessary to show the lines on your face more beautiful and prominent and you are ready. Here is a step by step minimalist makeup guide.

Minimalist Makeup Guide
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A bright and healthy looking skin, clean eye makeup and a natural tone lipstick. Below we have written different combinations about minimalist makeup, not all of them for your application, but to show different ways, you can choose and apply the ones you want among them.

Combinations Of Minimalist Makeup

1- Minimalist Skin Makeup

  • Do not use it if you do not need to use foundation.
  • Instead of matte finish foundations, choose foundations that will make you look lively.
  • Make sure your foundation is 1 tone darker or lighter than your skin color.
  • Make sure to use an illuminator / highlighter, never get used to it as a coward.
  • If you want to contour your face, you can do it very lightly with an unclear tone of bronzer (1-2 tones darker than skin color).
  • If you need to use concealer, apply it only to problem areas, and make sure to use a brightening concealer.

2- Minimalist Eye make-up

  • Eye makeup is where we need to minimize it, so if you say you can't give up eyeliner, you should try brown eyeliners.
  • You can use the not obvious bronzer that you use while contouring to shade your eyes.
  • Brown mascara is also a good choice, making your lashes look long and prominent while at the same time giving them a natural look as they dry their natural color.
  • If you fill your eyes with a color pencil that is white or pup's mouth close to the color of your skin, your eyes will look bigger without stopping like make-up.
  • Even if you are going out in the evening, wet-looking eye make-up is extremely fashionable nowadays, you can try them.

3- Minimalist Lips

  • Lips are always the unrestricted makeup zone, coral red lipstick is very trendy this year, there are very light coral red lipsticks and they look very beautiful.
  • If you want to learn how to do this technique, which is extremely popular in Korea, for this minimalist make-up, gradient lips current, we are waiting for you step-by-step how to do it.

4- Eyebrows 

  • It should be left in its most natural state, you can simply comb it and fix it with a clear / colorless eyebrow fixer.
  • If you absolutely have to fill your eyebrows, you can do it with single brush movements as if you are drawing new hairs between your eyebrows one by one, be careful not to have a dark color.
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That's end of minimalist makeup guide. Thanks for reading! 
Good luck, stay healthy and happy makeups!

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