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Only a few looks are as iconic as mime makeup. Exaggerated features and dark contrasting tones allow artists to communicate without using words. 

If you are interested in live performance art and want to test your skills, it is possible to create mime makeup and customize it with creative touches.

How To Apply Mime Makeup

There is something undeniably exciting about this kind of makeup application. Easily emphasizes dramatic features and facial expressions; thus making it very easy to share stories with viewers. 

The main features of this theatrical image are a white face, black details and a drawn mouth. To do this yourself, let's check out the mime makeup guide.
how to apply mime makeup
Mime Makeup

  • To have a clean and ready face. Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser, pat dry and moisturize. Men who want to create this look should be shaved beforehand for a smooth and flawless application of stage makeup.

  • Apply white face paint all over. Use something like Ben Nye Clown White (retails for about $ 15) or use cake or oil makeup on a small sponge, then stick the product. This can take a coat or two depending on your skin tone and pigmentation of the paint you use. Remember: it should only be applied to the face. Do not lower the product over the neck!

  • Use a large fluffy brush or sponge to apply the mime makeup. This step locks the color and helps it last all day - even under the warm stage lights.

  • For black face painting, draw your eyebrows over your natural eyebrows using eyebrow pencil or liquid eyeliner. The layout can vary depending on how puzzled you want the mime to look. Your eyebrows can be thick, thin or. You can use your own creativity.

  • Use black eyeliner to add definition to the eyes. There are many ways to do this, depending on personal preferences and what you want the mime to mean. Some options include a French-inspired star design, a single teardrop or a triangle.

  • Apply a coat of mascara to draw more attention to the eyes. This step is optional, but can add a little more drama to your finished look.

  • Lips can be left white, outlined in black, or have a bow or heart-shaped design. The choice is yours. If you prefer to add a pop of color (so there is more focus on the face), use red lipstick with a lip brush for precise application.

The real mime makeup is largely due to the work of Jean-Gaspard Deburau. He popularized the idea that Mime should be a silent figure with a white face.

Thanks for reading, good luck and stay healthy!

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