7 Tips And Tricks For Mascara Makeup Applying

How to Apply Mascara Makeup Easily?

How to apply mascara makeup? What are the tips for applying mascara? If you want a beautiful look in your eyes, you should pay attention to these!

It is an indisputable detail that mascara is indispensable for a beautiful make-up. However, applying mascara makeup is one of the most difficult points when applying makeup. 

If you don't know how to apply mascara, you can end up with a scary look. So how is mascara applied? Let's take a look at the mascara makeup details.
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How to apply mascara makeup
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Mascara Makeup Tips and Tricks


Many of us make the mistake of applying mascara by keeping the brush only horizontal. Since the directions and angles of eyelashes are different, when applied horizontally, the brush is not applied evenly to each eyelash. 

This prevents us from obtaining a beautiful appearance. Especially when applying mascara to the inner and outer parts of the eyelashes, you will see that it is much easier to apply when you hold the brush upright and the mascara is applied evenly all over the eyelashes.

2- Eyelash Curler

Using the eyelash curler after mascara is one of the biggest mistakes made. This application causes the mascara to smear rather than curl the lashes. 

Therefore, if you are going to use a curler, you need to do it before applying mascara. Also, if you apply the curler with zigzag movements, you can get the desired result better.

3- Using Mascara

It is useless to put the brush back and forth into the tube to get enough and even amount of product onto the brush. 

By doing this, you cause air to enter the mascara tube many times, causing it to dry much less than the life of the mascara.

4-  Cleaning the Mascara on the Brush

To get rid of the excess product from the brush, we recommend that you rub the brush against the side of the tube and clean it instead of putting it in and out of the tube repeatedly as we mentioned in the previous step.

Generally, the product, which only accumulates at the tip of the brush, may unintentionally touch somewhere during application and cause our makeup to deteriorate. But to avoid this, we recommend that you use it by scraping it on the side of the tube.

5- Not Applying Mascara Again During the Day

Here is another one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid while wearing mascara! Re-applying mascara to refresh during the day causes your eyelashes and therefore eye makeup to become terrible.

Applying mascara after drying and fixing the mascara that you apply well in the first application will cause your eyelashes to stick and it will be extremely difficult to comb your eyelashes with a brush, so you can cause them to break.

mascara makeup tips and tricks
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6- Applying Mascara on Eyelash Bottoms

In order to obtain extra volume, extra blackness and curl, you need to place the mascara brush on the bottom of the eyelashes and pull it up with zigzag movements, it is a right move. 

But when we run away a little bit and press the mascara too much on the bottom of the eyelashes, the black brush marks on our eyelids create an image that we do not want to see at all. To avoid this, you should control the brush better and prefer to look down while applying your mascara.

7- Applying Mascara to the Right Point

Applying mascara only to the ends of the lashes will make your lashes appear much shorter than they are. 

The most important thing you should do while applying mascara, as we have just said, is to pull the brush upwards with zigzag movements after placing the brush on the bottom of the eyelashes. This application allows you to get the perfect look.

We hope mascara makeup tips and tricks article has benefited you. Thanks for your time and reading. Good Luck and Stay Healthy!


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