Makeup Essentials : 10 Products Every Women Should Own

 Makeup Essentials

For an effective make-up, it is enough to fill your make-up bag not to the brim but with effective and necessary products. Try not to leave the following makeup essentials with you!

Even if you are a person who normally does not wear much makeup, make-up must mean special days for you. As such, it is important to include materials in your makeup drawer that will allow you to make a special day makeup.


We wanted to list the makeup essentials that should be in your makeup drawer for a make-up that will both save you in daily life and look like professional hands on special occasions.

Makeup Essentials List

1- Concealer

Of course, this product is a must. So why? Because with concealer, you can both cover the problems locally, provide illumination, and have a smooth and color-equalized skin as if applying a foundation by applying it to certain areas.

2- Permanent foundation

One of the most important elements of make-up on special occasions is that it stays all day long and is resistant to sweating. Permanent foundations are just right for this! When it comes to permanent foundation, you shouldn't necessarily have a very concealing foundation in your mind. The simplest example of this is that a highly concealing foundation such as Estee Lauder - Double Wear, and a foundation with a slight coverage such as MAC Face and Body Fluid are long-lasting. So when you know what you're looking for, it's possible to find a product that serves that purpose. If you need to buy a product, take the one with high coverage and look for a thinner product, mix it with a little moisturizer or make-up base and apply it thinly.

3- Transparent powder

A transparent powder is the shortest solution to keep both the concealer and the foundation longer and to minimize the problem of filling the lines in the following hours. Product recommendation: Make Up For Ever - HD Pressed Powder.

4- Waterproof mascara

Without perspiration, rain etc. It is essential not to be impressed and not to turn into a panda! 🙂 Moreover, water-resistant mascara also allows the eyelashes to stay curled for longer.

5- Highlighter

There must be an highlighter in our drawer. When applied in special day / night make-up, it ensures that the skin does not lose its vibrant brightness. Of course, it should not be applied to the whole face, but it is possible to make the skin look healthier by applying it to the areas we want to highlight (above the cheekbones, above and below the eyebrows, above the lips…).

6- Bronzer

Although the skin that is as white as milk is back in fashion, the air of bronze appearance is a must. If you are one of those who do not burn because of using your sunscreen regularly, you can get the look you want with tiny bronzer touches (where the sun hits directly), but the reason we say we should definitely have a bronze is of course the contour. 🙂 You can push back the parts of your face that you do not like by making small contours. In addition, when you throw the bronzer in your bag while going on holiday, it will help you as a powder, contour powder and eyeshadow. 

7- Eyebrow shadow:

First of all, we need to agree on the meaning that eyebrows add to expression. If we have passed this stage, I am not talking about creating dark eyebrows in the limits you do not have, but you can make your face look polished with just a touch of eyebrow shadow. (Go back to that magical moment when you first got your eyebrows and remember what transformed your face into!)

8- Makeup base:

It is not about to use it all the time, but one of the makeup essentials in special day make-up is of course make-up base. It keeps make-up for a long time, and a make-up taken according to the correct problem of the skin serves as a very good primer in terms of providing a basis for covering the imperfections. (See pore reduction, redness, anti-glare, etc.)

9- A palette of natural shades:

It is possible to create tons of different images with this palette, which is indispensable for both daytime make-up and special day make-up. If you want to buy a single palette and let it do all of my work, get these palettes in nude shades and make simple eye makeup using a single shadow whenever you want, and hit the bottom of the misty makeup whenever you want!

10- Black eyeliner:

Take a black eyeliner and look sophisticated by pulling a thin eyeliner one day, and reveal your eyes with a thick eyeliner the other day. You can get various looks with black eyeliner, and you can look like you have made up completely by using it alone.

With these products, it is possible to create many different images, but of course there is always one step ahead. Realize that you have a lot more than these products, and when buying a new make-up, first think about where to use it. Thus, you may have created a budget for a more expensive product that you perhaps actually wanted more.

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