Kids Makeup Kit Guide : Best 3 Kits You Can Buy 2022

Kids Makeup Kit

A kids makeup kit is a fun way to get your kids into the makeup world. Not only will they be able to learn a few makeup tips, they'll get to practice applying their favorite cosmetics to their faces. 

While there are a variety of kits on the market, some have specific products that your kids should be familiar with and others have extra products that can help them get started in the right direction.
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Things To Consider When Buying Kids Makeup Kit

1- There are many different kinds of kids makeup kit out there. These range from the simple kits that you buy in a drug store to the advanced kits that are designed for people who have taken makeup classes. 

2- Your kids may need more than just foundation and lipstick to start out, but if they are a good makeup artist they will be able to pick their own products as well.

3- Most kids makeup kits  to come with a couple of basic items. For instance, the basic kit will typically come with a brush, powder, and lip gloss. They may come with other items like blushers and blush, but these two are the most important. Once your kids are comfortable with the items you give them, you can move onto more complicated items.

4- The majority of makeup kits for kids come with a variety of blush colors. They include neutral colors that your children can use to create a variety of looks for themselves. These colors can include pale yellows, browns, and creams. If you want to get your kids started on a more natural look, you can mix different colors together.

5- Blush kits are one of the most popular makeup kits for kids. They come in a variety of different colors that will help your child create different looks with their blushes.

6- This is especially helpful if you want to get your child started on creating a more natural look. Some of these kits also include eyeliners or mascara to help your child blend their eyes or create an illusion of having more eyelashes. These eye colors can be very expensive, so it's a good idea to keep their makeup kits minimal.

7- Some make-up kits even include eye shadow that matches a child's eye color. This way your kids can use their eye shadows to create a unique look and it won't be confused with their friends. 

8- You can also buy kits that come with a variety of different eyeshadow colors and then mix and match them so your children have a wide array of colors they can use.

9- Makeup kits for kids can be found online, at specialty stores, or even in specialty shops. shops that specialize in cosmetics. They come in many different varieties and prices. Because there is a wide variety to choose from, you can choose one that best fits your child's budget.

10- When you purchase makeup kits for kids, make sure you take care to make sure they are not the exact same makeup kits that adult models are using. This is to avoid confusion or getting something that doesn't go with your child's skin. Be sure that you get the right size of the applicator and brush for your child's eyes, face, and lips.

11- You may also want to purchase the makeup kits that contain eye shadows that will match their natural hair colors. You can use a neutral to light shade of blush to add extra color to your child's eyes to create a dramatic effect. 

You can also use this same foundation color on their cheeks to give them a little extra body to add to their face.

12- There are several different kinds of kids makeup kits that will help create different looks. One of the most popular kits for girls is the "girl's" kit which includes a shimmer foundation that has a neutral tone that can be applied to their entire face. You can also get one that contains an eyeliner in a color that matches their eye color or the color of their hair.

Best 3 Kids Makeup Kit That Are Safe To Use

1- 9021-GLOW! Eye & Cheek Palette $25 USD

A collection of six age appropriate cheek and eye shades in finishes ranging from amped-up sparkle to dialed-down satins, plus a super pretty blush and highlighter, to give eyes and cheeks the ultimate sheer wash of color. Also on the 9021-GLOW!™ palette’s beauty credentials? Dermatologist-, ophthalmologist- and pediatrician-approved.

Blush: Net Wt. 0.06 oz. / 1.8 g
Eyeshadow: Total Net Wt. 0.13 oz. / 3.9 g 
Highlighter: Net Wt. 0.06 oz. / 1.8 g

2- Make It Real – Mega Mermaid Makeover $19,99 USD

3- BR Makeup Kit, Glamur Girl Kit, 48 Eyeshadow / 4 Blush / 6 Lip Gloss $16,50

This is a BR brand product with 6 lip gloss. totally 58 colors. Some other brand copy this with less colors choices.
Opens From Top And Front
All In One Makeup Set Wide Variety of highly pigmented color shades
Applicators Brushes Mirror Included

That's all for now! Happy Makeup Ladies! Thanks for reading kids makeup kit guide!

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