Jack Skellington Makeup : Simple Guide and Tips 2022

Jack Skellington DIY Makeup Guide

Did you know you can make your very own Jack Skelington makeup at home?

Well, you can do it with a simple white makeup tutorial right here! Go check out her site if you are interested in learning more! Here's what you will need for your own Jack Skelington makeup!

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Applying Jack Skellington Makeup
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How To Apply Jack Skellington Makeup

1- White contacts for black eyes: White contact lenses are a perfect match for anyone who wants to look like their favorite character. 

2- Black contacts are actually very popular too, but they may be a bit much for you. The good news is that white contacts can be made just as cute. Just put on some eye makeup and a pair of white contacts.

3- White lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow are a must! If you want to make your own white Jack Skelington makeup, use some white foundation and eyeliner. You can use black eyeliner to blend things better.

4- For your black eyes, use a pencil to draw the lines around the eyes. Use your free hand to outline the lines. Add a couple of black lines going from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer corner. 

5- Try to keep the lines as straight as possible. You will want to do a few layers of eyeshadow to make sure everything looks smooth.

6- To really enhance the look of the eyes, apply a bit of white eyeliner and then go over with a black liner. You can also do a little blending between the lashes to give the eyes extra dimension.

7-  For the cheeks, use a browser and lip liner to make a more "Jack Skellington" face!

8- Brush on some powder to fill in any flaws or creases. You may even add some blush to the cheek area to even out the look. I suggest starting with black cheeks and going up to white.

It doesn't have to be expensive, all you need is a few minutes of your time. and a little bit of creativity, and you can make your own!

If you do this at home, be sure to let her know because she wants to see how you did it! I would also suggest using white paper for your makeup. This way you can color coordinate your make up and also save some money!

Another tip for those of you who love Jack Skellington, is to buy some books on how to create a character like him. 

You will not only learn what colors and accessories are needed to create a unique look, you will also have the chance to practice your drawing skills.

Once you have your basic make up done, you can move onto more advanced designs like tattoos, eye shadow, hair and eyebrows! Use black and white pencils for these! 

The last step is to get the right eye makeup and lashes so that you look like a classic Jack Skellington!

Remember, the goal of this article was to give you a few tips for making your own Jack Skellington makeup You can do this all with a little bit of effort and a lot of practice.

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