How To Fix Broken Makeup : Here Are Your Solutions

 How To Fix Broken Makeup

Spending a lot of money and looking like your eyes on your cosmetic products is the last thing you want to break. Be sure to read our article to restore your makeup materials.  How to fix broken makeup.

How to fix broken makeup list starts here.

How to repair broken eyeliner and lip liner?


Especially soft pencils can break when opening. In order to prevent such fractures, if you keep your pen in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before opening it, you will find it easier to open. To prevent internal fractures, be careful not to drop it from your hand.

How to repair broken lipstick?

Lipsticks that stay in hot environments for a long time may leave themselves and break easily. If your lipstick is broken, hold the lighter just below the broken part and let it soften slightly. Just keep the lighter very close and be careful not to light it. 

After heating the bottom of the broken piece, combine it with the other piece and wait for 5 seconds. After making sure that it is adhered, reinforce the fusion by heating the area you combined with a lighter. Cover the lipstick and keep it in the fridge for 1 hour. You will find that your lipstick is as good as before.

How to repair powder, blush, headlight?

If you have a compressed compact product broken, first take the whole product into another container and shred it thoroughly. Then drip some baby cologne into it. What you need to pay attention to here is the consistency you will achieve.

The mixture you get should be neither too solid nor too liquid. Therefore, start by dropping the cologne a little and gradually increase the amount. Put the paste-like mixture back into its own container and press it with a spoon. Your product will be restored after it dries a little.

If this method forces you, you can break the broken product and mix it with a cream. You can change its form and continue to use the compact product as a cream product. However, this method will change the pigmentation and structure of the product.

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