Gothic Makeup Styles - Gothic Makeup Accessories and Prices **2020


Gothic Makeup For Women Who Want a Different Look

If you have been searching for new and interesting ways to bring out your natural beauty, then Gothic makeup may be exactly what you are looking for. When most makeup styles tend to lean towards bronze and other bright-tinted products, the Gothic makeup look leans towards paler colors like brown, cream and grey. You don't want to be a bronze person all of the time, but you don't want to go overboard with it either.

Since most Gothic makeup looks will be made for women who are more of a bronze than they are an orange or purple, you should get an appropriate foundation that will actually give you a softer skin tone. You should never get a tan because this can be a real problem when you have dark skinned people around you. If you wear your makeup a little more heavily than normal, then you will get some good coverage and look very natural.


How To Start Gothic Makeup

Since the Goth makeup looks leaner than most makeovers, you should be able to get away with using black as the main makeup colors. However, black does not work well for everyone so you may want to try other colors or at least get rid of it from your makeup a bit. The colors you can use are mostly black, grey, brown, green, burgundy and white. Grey and brown are a little too dark for people who are not really dark skinned, but you can try them in an accent color. Black works the best if you already have a tan because it will enhance it and help hide any blemishes you might have.

If you want a more Gothic makeup style and you want to be very subtle in your makeup, then the perfect choice would be to buy some goth inspired items and use those as a base for your goth makeup. If you want to be completely covered up, then you can use some black goth clothing, belts and shoes for a little extra emphasis. You can also add a couple of skulls or other Gothic accessories as a finishing touch to your goth makeup look.

Gothic Makeup Products and Prices

You can find goth makeup for affordable prices on the internet, or you can find a set with everything you need for a more elaborate goth look. You can find a lot of goth themed items for a low price. If you have a lot of black and dark colors in your home, then you might consider purchasing some black makeup brushes that are made specifically for Goths. These can make your makeup last longer. and make it a lot more realistic if you are working on something that has to be done all night.

You can also wear black goth makeup just as easily with a white face, so you can get an even more dramatic look. You can have black and white face gel, powder, black and white eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and white lips and other makeup items you would use on your face if you want to go that route. Gothic makeup is really fun and it can give you a look that is truly unique and special. It doesn't matter what kind of color you are looking for as long as you have a very defined look.


CRUCIFIX Gothic Glamurderous Lashes $21 USD

Matte Mineral Black Lipstick $11 USD

Gothic Plum Matte Liquid Lipstick $17 USD

Nude Trip Deep/Dark Liqued Matte Lipstick Kit $36 USD

Gothic Style Final Touch Makeup Kit by Bloody Mary $49 USD7

These are some accesories for gothic makeup. Hope you can find your colors :)

Thanks for reading, good luck and stay healty!


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