Gore Makeup - Step by Step Guide and Tips & Tricks

 Gore Makeup - Cutting, Piercing, Crushing Tool, Wound Makeup

For Gore makeup, more successful results are obtained in terms of resembling a real wound by using tuplast, rigid collodion, special plastic. Liquid and clot blood are used with different colors, especially to ensure the realism of the image.

Lets see materials for gore makeup.

Gore Makeup by Jameson Mallari Atenta

Materials Of Gore Makeup

  • Tuplast

Small cuts, wounds, blistered burns, etc. It is a plastic material inside the tube used to create images. It is applied to the area to be applied and the edges are softened with the help of a spatula, the elevation that will occur on the skin is reduced and the excess is removed. Then it is shaped to create the desired image. During the cleaning phase, it is removed from the surface of the skin and the remaining makeup residues are cleaned with a suitable make-up remover.

  • Rigid Collodion

It is used for applications such as scarring on the skin, old cut marks and oriental sores. Contains ether. Repeated use in the same area may irritate the skin.

  • Special Plastic

It is used for wound makeup and changing lines. It is an ideal material for covering thick eyebrows. During the cleaning phase, it is removed from the surface of the skin and the remaining makeup residues are cleaned with a suitable make-up remover.

  • Adhesive - Gum

For special make-up effects and to adhere various products (beard, mustache, bald head, etc.) to the face. It does not harm the skin. It is usually sold in the market in liquid form in small tubes. In the choice of adhesive, the place and duration of use is important.

Place of use; the skin and use of an actor who sweats heavily or has sensitive skin on stage, television, cinema; In terms of time, if it will stay on the player for a long time, durable adhesives are used and they have special stickers. If the actor's skin is sensitive, a special medical adhesive is used.

  • Special Blood Material

It is a true color blood material for cinema and television. It does not contain toxic substances. There are liquid, clot and powder blood types, in dark and light colors. In addition, capsule and dropper types are available, which are also used to stimulate bleeding in the eyes and mouth. In the cleaning phase, water-based ones are cleaned with water.

  • MakeUp Sponge

There are different varieties with dense texture and more porous latex structure. It is used to create texture or to apply to skin with paint materials. It is recommended to clean with soap and water after each use for hygiene reasons. In addition, the beard sponge is used to create a stubble look.

  • Supracolor

It is an oil-based makeup material. There are different colors and quantities of palettes as well as individual packages in different sizes. Used in stage and television makeup, fantasy face painting, and shades. It is also used as a foundation. Cleanliness of the product is very important when using oil-based materials. For this reason, it is important for the hygiene of the materials to take the amount of material we will use on a pallet with the help of a spatula.

Using Gore Makeup Materials

Incision Application with Tuplast
  • Paint the area to be cut in red with the help of a tissue sponge.
  • Apply the tuplast as a line to the area to be cut.
  • Thin the edges with the help of a spatula.
  • Cut the middle of the material with the tip of the spatula.
  • With the help of a brush, mix the red and black supra color and apply it to the cut area.
  • Intensify the red color and apply it around the cut to give the appearance of tissue damage.
  • Note that the black color will give a depth effect in such applications.
  • Apply clot blood.
  • Apply liquid blood.
  • Finish your process.

Application with Special Plastic

Apply spit gum to the area to be treated to increase its permanence on the special plastic skin.

  • Special plastici your palm also soften.

  • Stick on the softened special plasticizer gum.

  • Shape with a special plasticizer spatula.

  • Apply gum to the edges again.

  • Cut the middle with a spatula.

  • Apply supra color colors around the incision with a tissue sponge.

  • Paint the inside of the cut.

  • Create the destruction image made by the cutting tool with the brush.

  • Color the inside of the cut with black supra color.

  • Apply liquid blood.

  • Apply clot blood.

  • Trim around the incision with the help of a tissue sponge.

Applying Old Incision Makeup

  • Prepare the collodion.
  • Apply the collodion to the area you want to create a scar.
  • Repeat the application several times.
  • Let my material dry for 2–3 minutes.
  • Finish the process.

Gore makeup requires a little more work than other makeup styles. Now that you are on this page, it means you have patience for this makeup. Good luck already :)

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