GEISHA MAKEUP Mystery Revealed - Tips and Tricks

 Geisha Makeup : Things You Need To Know

Japanese geisha makeup consists of a bleached face, expressive and clear make-up of the eyes, and red miniature lips. Today, many women are interested in the history, clothes and make-up of these beauties. Geisha makeup; theme parties, Halloween can be one of the ideas that will be very interesting and stylish in these situations.


If you decide to master the Japanese make-up of a geisha at home, you should learn the basic nuances of the application technique. A true geisha spends a lot of time creating this makeup. Sometimes they spend 5 hours in front of the mirror! Don't worry, we will simplify your task and describe easier lessons with technique that every lady will understand.

Learn the geisha's makeup correctly:

The white face should look like a porcelain doll face,

Eye makeup should have expressive black arrows and some shadows in a dark brown color.

Lip makeup should be done with red, watery lipstick. Lips should look as if they are creating a heart in the middle.


To complete your image, you need an unusual hairstyle. You must have black hair to complement your good geisha makeup.

Don't forget the clothes or the beautiful Japanese kimono.

-Porcelain Face

In ancient times, Japanese women applied whitewash to both the face and neck, as well as the hand and neck area. They wouldn't just paint the hairline, the back of the neck, which looks like a little snake tongue.

-Impressive Eyes

In any look, eyes are a heavy and bright accent, and Japanese geisha makeup is more.

The main part of eye makeup is the eyeliner line, eyeliner usually has 2 shades of black and red.

Then shadows are applied, the shadows are usually coral, dark brown or brick in color. You have to make them shaded. The shadows are first applied to the inner corner of the eye, where the shadows have a light shade. Then draw a line towards the outer corner which has a brighter color.


Tip: When you start applying the shadow to the outer corner of the eye, remember to turn them into the lower eyelid as if drawing a triangle.

Now that the shadows are gone, you need to draw a contour line on the upper eyelid. A black liner is required for this. The contour is drawn from the outer corner to the inner side.

A line is drawn in the same way on the lower eyelid, but the color of the eyelid is light gray.

By closing the eyeliner line of the upper and lower eyelids together, your eyes take on the Asian style.

The line width should be greater than your own eyebrow line. Use a black pencil to create contour brows.

-Baby Lips

The lips in the make-up of Japanese beauties should be miniature, like a bow or tiny sponges resembling a flower. Lipstick should be red, this color has always been considered sexually attractive.

We should achieve a visual reduction in the lips.

With the help of a contoured pencil for the lips, you should draw the outline of the future shape in the form of an arc or flower. With the help of a brush, we begin to paint the required color of the lip and the drawn line. Coming to the subject of lipstick, you can use a matte texture or a glossy color.

Conclusion of Geisha Makeup

Now you know how to create a geisha makeup with your own hands in a geisha style. We hope our little notes on how to create the image of a Japanese lady in a simple way have worked for you.

Good Luck and Stay Healthy! 


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