Applying Emo Makeup : Make It In A Better Way 2022

What's Emo Makeup?

Emo makeup has always been associated with rock or pop culture. Well, am not really any of those, however, when see the black eye shadow in the pop music video, think of trying them out. 

Emo makeup tips are what you should know first. Step by step Emo makeup basics are what you should know first.

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how to apply emo makeup

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What's Emo Meaning?

What is Emo? Well, Emo means a feeling, and is the reaction of the teenage years to the sudden change of fashion and music from the mainstream. 

If you don't know, now you know. It's not just a phase, it's a way of life. But, how do we go about looking good and at the same time feel good about ourselves?

There are many ways to make a girl look good, especially if she wants to look cute in her Emo skin care line or her Emo cosmetics line. 

Some of the top selling skin care lines today include Cosmetology, Skin Cuts, and Emo Lotion. They all offer some good products. In fact, they're all so good, there's no need to look for a better place to buy your next makeup.

What Are The Colors Of Emo makeup?

There are certain basic colors for Emo that should never be overdone. This includes the black color which is associated with Emo.

This black must be blended with other colors, such as the gray, or blue, or brown. Some people will use white for Emo too, although, they should always have their makeup done in black.

The eyeshadow is also an essential part of this type of makeup. It should be soft and subtle, because black eyeshadow is very masculine. 

You can choose from the standard, matte black, the shimmery black, or even the glittery black, or just the neutral black. However, always remember that black is associated with Emo so if you want to dress up your eyes.

 Vincent Ledvina on Unsplash

The lips are a little bit different from your normal lipstick, because Emo is more about how the lips look from the inside than from the outside.

 So, you need to choose a color that will accentuate the shape of your lips from the inside. 

Also, the shade you choose should be different from your usual lipstick as well. For example, you could have pale pink lips and then you use nude lipstick on the outside to hide the pink color from your lips. You can do this in one simple application or use more lips to bring out the color.

Another aspect of Emo, that's usually neglected is the eyebrows. You can get natural looking eyebrows, or you can get fake eyebrows.

 This way, you get that look you need to look better in a way. When looking for fake eyebrows, you can also get some eyebrow wax and put it on your eyebrow in the shape you want. A good idea would be to have your eyebrow waxer do it for you.

There are also some great eye colors that are perfect for those who want to go beyond the basic look, and add some more Emo touch, like neon, fire, or bright colors. 

Whatever you do, remember that the look you choose for yourself needs to compliment your personality and match your overall style.

Another thing that's crucial to having Emo makeup is the hair. Your hair will be your first impression of you and therefore, it's important to be confident when you choose your make-up and your hair. 

You can choose a messy hairdo or a short style. Or you can even go for your favorite punk look.

One of the most popular hair colors is brown, which is one of the most common colors used by Emo people. If you're going for a punk look, then a lot of people would choose blonde, although red hair has also been a favorite color of many.

No matter what type of makeup you decide to have, make sure that you're comfortable with it. Just because your skin tone is not pale, does not mean that you can't wear these colors, or that it's too feminine.

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