E-GIRL Makeup Tips and Ideas For Beginners (Accessories Plus)

What's E-Girl Makeup?

E-girl makeup : The term e-girl is a generic name given to girls who were created in the 2000s, who spend most of their time online and love to express themselves online. 

E-girl, the electronic girl, likes to dress up and make up by being designed from digital games. 

Girls who spend most of their time on social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Twitch attract attention with their unique colorful makeup styles. 

If you see yourself as an e-girl and love to try out the next generation makeup styles, you can take inspiration from our e-girl makeup guide.

How To Apply eGirl Makeup 

1- Creating a riot of colors is a must for E-Girl makeup! Color eye makeup in particular is one of the favorite trends of internet girls. 

2- To add some (!) Color to your eye makeup, you should try Maybelline New York Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows. Using navy blue, gold, pink and burgundy eyeshadow colors, it is free to combine any color you want in eye makeup!

how to apply e-girl makeup
E-Girl Makeup Looks
3- When using pencil eyeshadows, instead of just trying one color, you can combine several different colors together to make e-girl makeup. You should try to apply colored smoky eye makeup by mixing the cream eyeshadows on each other with your finger. 

4- Maybelline Color Tattoo, one of our favorite colors, will highlight your eyes with its burgundy color. Moreover, your eye makeup will remain intact with its permanent formula all day long.

5- Although you will only show your e-girl makeup to your online friends, you have to make sure your skin make-up is perfect. You should hide any skin imperfections that can be seen from the camera and help your skin shine brightly.

6- You should start by hiding acne scars and blemishes on your skin first. Use Maybelline New York Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer for this.

 Thanks to its sponge head, you can hide blemishes on your skin and purple circles under the eyes in the most natural way without the need to use an extra applicator. 

Apply Maybelline Fit Me Foundation to your entire face after the concealer step. The natural matte finish of Fit Me foundation makes you look stunning from the camera. 

You can apply Fit Me foundation to all your skin with a wet foundation brush. So your skin will look radiant, just like e-girl.

One of the most important points of E-girl makeup is the application of blush. 

You can achieve the signature look of E-girl makeup by applying the blush intensely on the cheeks and nose. 

For this, we can recommend you liquid blushes. Maybelline Cheek Heat liquid blushes disperse very easily with their creamy-gel formulas and give a very natural effect. 

 You can get the look you want by adjusting the intensity yourself. If you wish, you can add a different touch to e-girl makeup with fake freckle makeup.

E-Girl Makeup Accessories and Prices

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek $29 USD from Sephora

BetyBedy 60 Pcs Hair Barrettes $4 USD you can easly find in amazon.com

Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner $24 USD from Ulta

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1 $60 USD from Ulta

Have fun with your e-girl Makeup! Good luck and stay healthy!

Thanks for reading. 😍

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