Cute Clown Makeup Ideas, Accessories and Prices **2020

Cute Clown Makeup Ideas

You organize a fun party with your children; you even bought them clown costumes. Now all you have to do is clown makeup. In fact, clown makeup, which you can easily handle after learning the tricks, scared you at first. But have no worries; We will show you how to clown make up.

Secret Of Clown Makeup : Colors

The most striking feature of clowns is undoubtedly their color. They know how to make them look no matter what color they are; Of course, this also applies to clown makeup. For their make-up that includes every color, the base must be chosen well, and the colors to be used must fit well. After that, it all depends on your creativity and taste of using colors.


Clown Makeup Steps and Tips

It is very important to be permanent after the clown makeup is applied. Long-term use is very important for the comfort of clowns. Clowns, who are likely to sweat, especially in summer, will be very comfortable with non-flowing paints. 

Then, the first thing to do is to define the eye and lip contour with white color. In order for the colors you will use on clown make-up to stand out, you must have a face dominated by white color. Coloring with remarkable colors you need to do for your eye area after the application of white color. This color is black if you want, red or green if you want; Make sure it draws attention. 

After the clarification of your eyes was completed, we came to another detail as important as your eyes; your eyebrows. The thin, curved eyebrow that you draw towards your forehead will also make your facial expression funnier. It's time for your lips and lip contour, which will instantly change the expression of your entire face. Most of the time, the faces of the clowns who are drawn smiling are sometimes portrayed as sullen faces. Our opinion is a big smile that you will express with thick lines! 

Your statement, which will stand out even more with a bright red color, will be the detail that will comfort the other side at first glance. It can color all the remaining parts of your face, especially your cheeks and nose, as you wish; you can make your image more fun.

We know that you will enjoy it even more as you see that the joy you give around you will increase many times after you become a clown. Enjoy the makeup you will do as you please; then enjoy the rest of the day!

Clown Makeup Accessories and Prices

Graftobian Powdered Metal - Gold $10 USD

Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax - Fair $18 USD

Ben Nye Final Seal Spray FY-16 $38 USD

Ben Nye Clown Makeup Kits - Deluxe Whiteface $26 USD

 Evil Clown Shoes $89 USD

Thanks for reading! Good luck and stay healty!


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