Butterfly MakeUp Styles and Butterfly Makeup Material Prices **2020


Add Flair With Butterfly Makeup

To fully embrace the current butterfly makeup trend, try giving yourself a great butterfly face makeup makeover. This involves making large butterfly wing-like makeovers on the upper part of your face, which can be achieved by having both winged and non-winged wings, and even using your entire face for the wings. You can make either one winged or one non-winged butterfly makeup, depending on
how dramatic you want your look to be. The most obvious difference between a winged and non-winged butterfly is the fact that the non-winged one has an opening in the middle of the butterfly, where the winged ones do not.

A more effective way to get started for butterfly makeup is to use one of the many available makeup kits that are widely available these days, which come with the proper brush, powder, foundation, and even eye shadow to get you started. Some of these kits even come with a mini-mirror for you to practice, to see how well you are doing before actually getting on the makeover. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, then you can also get in touch with a friend who has a bit of experience with applying makeup so that you can ask them to apply butterfly makeovers for you.


Butterfly MakeUp Details

If your wings are not that large, you can choose to put them on with concealer and foundation, and to apply the wings after. Make sure to use a concealer that is both oil-free and water-resistant so that it does not get easily absorbed by your skin. For wings that are really large, you can always choose to wear a hat when you are putting them on, since the hat will make your wings look larger. The hat should not cover your entire face as this will only make you look smaller and you need to wear the hat if you are planning to put your wings on a small area, such as your ears.

If you do not have a lot of time to put makeup on your wings, but you still want to give a great look, then you can get them custom made. These can be very inexpensive if you go to a specialist butterfly makeover salon to get your wings made. Once your wings are done, you can then put on mascara to give you the full effect.

Last Things For Butterfly Makeup

Before you get your wings done, you can use concealer to cover up blemishes on your skin, and any other issues that you may have, which could also give your wings a slightly unnatural appearance. In order to get the best results, you should not use makeup after the make-up has dried.

Another thing that you should take into consideration when putting on your wings, especially if you do not have a lot of time to spend on this makeup is that you should never apply makeup directly onto your wings. Wearing make up can make your wings look too big and will make them look too small, so you should not apply your wings too often. Instead, you can use concealer to keep the wings hidden while you are wearing makeup on the rest of your body.

Butterfly Makeup Accessories and Material Prices

Brow Wiz $23 USD 

Liquid Suede $7 USD

Master Chrome $7 USD

EyeShadow Paletta $18 USD

This list can go on, you can choose which colors you want to use for your butterfly makeup. Good Luck and stay healty!



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