How To Apply Avant Garde Makeup? Best Tips For 2022

New ones are added to the makeup trends every year and day. The makeup style that has been popular for many years is avant garde makeup

We can perceive its avant garde makeup, which means pioneering, as pioneering change. Different type of makeup that is not usually done. 

Avant garde makeup style cannot be used on a daily basis. It is mostly done for models showing up on the podium, photo shoots and theater stages. Also, this makeup style is done with professional materials. The features of avant-garde make-up are not limited to this. Even figures are made with makeup materials.

avant garde makeup guide
            Maria Eduarda Tavares from Pexels

Avant Garde Makeup With Detailed Features

  • Unlike normal makeup, colors that are not preferred are used.
  • It is unique. In addition, imagination is very effective.
  • Often more attention is drawn to the eyes.
  • The figures drawn follow one another.
  • The use of glitter and feathers is high. So, how should an avant garde makeup that includes all these features?

How To Apply Avant Garde Makeup

The avant-garde make-up is an avant-garde make-up that can be done without professional materials. 

1- To create a simple avant-garde makeup, first choose a color to apply to the eyes. Apply the shadow of your choice to the eyelid completely. Take care to fill the eyelid lines. After feeding the shadow, draw a figure under and above the eyelid.

2- If you have a different color eyeliner, draw the figure you have determined with this eyeliner above the eyelid and under the eye. If you don't want to draw a figure, you can add a noticeable glow. If you want to do both, add the glitters around the figure you draw.

3- This glitter is the glitter used for the face. Use your imagination and make the figure, eye shadow and glitter complement each other. 

If you want the avant-garde make-up to be a little more advanced, you can make your eyebrows feather or glitter. Make your lashes very obvious or indistinct if you want. It all depends on your imagination, how you want your lashes to stay. 

4- After finishing your face make-up, you can end your avant-garde make-up with lipstick. The color you will use in applying lipstick may be metallic colors. Or again, a color you choose according to your imagination.

how to apply avant garde makeup

5- If you do not use metallic colors, you can use two different colors of lipstick on your lips. This is both more unusual and better suited to avant-garde makeup. Avant-garde make-up is not suitable for daily makeup.

It is a very heavy makeup. Also, this makeup is totally dependent on imagination. Use your imagination and create a very unusual avant garde makeup.

Thanks for reading avant garde makeup guide! Good luck and stay healthy!


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